Monthly Secret Mission

"Honoring oUR Veterans"



Greater love has no one than this, that he lay down his life for a friend.   John 15:13

This month, we honor those brave men and women, past and present, who bravely serve our Armed Forces or National Guard. These brave individuals put their lives on the line everyday in service of our country and our communities. We remember and honor their sacrifices to keep our country safe. 
Let’s pray for them throughout the month and show them God's love by truly appreciating their service. Salute their bravery and secretly honor them for their service and willingness to put themselves in harms way to secure our freedom.


1WEEK 1:
Secretly donate candy to our troops through Operation Gratitude.  Mail your candy along with a “Thank You” message to demonstrate to a veteran that you care and appreciate their service.

2WEEK 2:
Secretly write a note of thanks and encouragement to a veteran and/or attend a gathering to honor past, present and future veterans for Veterans Day – November 11th.

3WEEK 3:
Secretly send a gift or care package to a veteran or to the family of a veteran thanking them for their service.

4WEEK 4:
Give a veteran a ride through the Disabled American Veterans website.  You can also donate, send encouraging notes or provide other services to aid veterans.  Do your best to serve in secret and demonstrate God's love to our veterans.

Don't Forget:

When meeting the need of your "Secret Mission Assignment", don’t forget to point them to Christ, by leaving them a simple anonymous note with an encouraging scripture, or a note that God loves them, sees their need, has answered their prayer or wants to change their lives for the better.  You can create or write your own anonymous notes or order GSS Agent Note Cards and Calling Cards from the GSSA STORE.







Recent Missions Accomplished

Secretly sent a note of encouragement to a friend who is having the most difficult time. I wanted her to feel God's love and acceptance even though she has faced lots of unfair criticism from family and friends, for something she can't do anything about. I pray my friend will start to feel some acceptance, because God loves her so much for who she is and He accepts and forgives her. May He brin...
What a nice thing to do. It's important to show people love and kindness when they are enduring such a tragedy.

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