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Thank you for your interest in supporting God’s Secret Service Agents (GSSA) Foundation.  God's Secret Service Agents (GSSA)  Foundation is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt nonprofit organization.  Contributions to God's Secret Service Agents (GSSA)  Foundation are tax-deductible to the fullest extent permitted by law. The effective date of the exemption is April 16, 2013, so any contribution made to GSSA is tax-deductible retroactive back to that date.

In addition to conducting outreach activities to recruit and sign up individuals to conduct secret service acts of kindness,GSSA raises funds to provide one-time emergency assistance to poor and needy individuals and families in crisis, so they can experience God's love on a larger scale, based on donations received from the public.  

GSS Agents, Churches, Schools/Teachers and other Non-Profit organizations can nominate individuals and families to receive assistance. Review the Foundation Secret Mission Benevolence Fund Nomination Form to learn more about the "Giving" Guidelines or to nominate someone. Nomination Forms emailed to by the 15th of the month will be considered for the current month's GSSA Foundation Secret Mission. 

We ask that you prayerfully consider donating any sum of your choice to help GSSA Foundation to carry out its mission of providing emergency assistance and conducting secret random acts of kindness to help those in need. Donations received from people like you, can impact the life of another person in need and can potentially help lead that individual to find Christ.

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  • Emergency meals
  • Utilities Payment (to prevent shutdown of services)
  • Rent (to prevent eviction or security deposit to prevent homelessness)
  • Emergency Transportation Services (i.e. Bus Pass, flight for Medical treatment, auto payments, etc.)
  • Lodging cost (to help patient and family members traveling for a life-saving medical treatment)                
  • Childcare Assistance (to help provide daycare while someone is job searching or dealing with an emergency)
  • Funeral /Burial Expenses (to help cover burial expenses in cases of an untimely death)
  • Fire/flood/Natural Disaster relief
  • Specific Items for needy children (i.e. Car seat, clothing, shoes, school supplies, furniture, etc.)
  • Emergency/Crisis funding for individuals identified by another non-profit or state agency when there are additional needs for relief not covered by the other agency

  • GSSA Foundation is run by a volunteer Board of Directors who do not receive any compensation from the Foundation. Funds raised from the public support the Secret Mission Benevolence Fund.

    GSSA raises funds through:

    • Private contributions
    • Special events
    • Donations through the GSSA website
    • Product sales through the GSSA website

    All proceeds go directly to meet the objectives of the foundation.

    Donate Via PayPal

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Recent Missions Accomplished

Secretly sent a note of encouragement to a friend who is having the most difficult time. I wanted her to feel God's love and acceptance even though she has faced lots of unfair criticism from family and friends, for something she can't do anything about. I pray my friend will start to feel some acceptance, because God loves her so much for who she is and He accepts and forgives her. May He brin...
What a nice thing to do. It's important to show people love and kindness when they are enduring such a tragedy.

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