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DoveWe welcome your suggestions and feedback.  We are especially interested in hearing your suggestions for weekly secret mission ideas as well as larger scale secret missions that the GSSA foundation board can carry out with your contributions.  We also welcome your prayer requests, so GSSA Board Members may pray for you.

God’s Secret Service Agents

1909 E. Ray Rd.
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Recent Missions Accomplished

Secretly sent a note of encouragement to a friend who is having the most difficult time. I wanted her to feel God's love and acceptance even though she has faced lots of unfair criticism from family and friends, for something she can't do anything about. I pray my friend will start to feel some acceptance, because God loves her so much for who she is and He accepts and forgives her. May He brin...
What a nice thing to do. It's important to show people love and kindness when they are enduring such a tragedy.

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