Agent #00089

Anonymously mailed paper and audio books to a nursing home for seniors to read, listen to and enjoy.

Agent #007

Agent 007 secretly delivered flowers to encourage a neighbor that is going through a difficult divorce.

God’s Secret Service Agents: Licensed to Serve

But when you do a kindness to someone, do it secretly-don’t tell the left hand what your right hand is doing. And your Father who knows all secrets will reward you openly. Matthew 6:3-4.

Agent #0099

Agent 0099 secretly left a note of encouragement with a gift card on a stranger’s car parked at a food bank.

Agent #373

Purchased play toys and dropped them off at a local playground with a note that they could play with them and leave for the next child or take them home to keep.

Agent #00214

Bought produce for a struggling family and left it on their door with a kind anonymous note.


GSSA is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that encourages extraordinary people like you to join an army of individuals who actively conduct secret missions/acts of kindness at home and in their neighborhoods, workplace, church and communities, to help others in need. 

GSS AGENTS must be willing to do these good deeds secretly and avoid taking credit for them as much as possible, so that God gets all the glory. That’s the fun and rewarding part.  After all, it’s about Him, not about us!  If you do your good deeds in secret, God will be glorified and He will reward you openly. 

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  • Sign-up as one of God’s Secret Service Agents
  • View and accept the SecretMission of the Week (MOW)” 
  • Conduct your own Secret surveillance to identify someone in need
  • Carefully and covertly plan your Secret Mission of Service 
  • Conduct your Secret Mission of Service without revealing your identity
  • Share your "Secret Mission Accomplished" on the "Report Missions" page, to inspire others to conduct Secret Missions too!


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Recent Missions Accomplished

Secretly sent a note of encouragement to a friend who is having the most difficult time. I wanted her to feel God's love and acceptance even though she has faced lots of unfair criticism from family and friends, for something she can't do anything about. I pray my friend will start to feel some acceptance, because God loves her so much for who she is and He accepts and forgives her. May He brin...
What a nice thing to do. It's important to show people love and kindness when they are enduring such a tragedy.

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